Whenever the municipality shall construct, widen, replace, or reconstruct any sidewalk, notice prepared by the Municipal Attorney, specifying the work to be done and calling for bids for doing such work and supplying the necessary materials and labor, shall be published in at least one issue of a legal newspaper of general circulation in the municipality; provided, bids so invited shall be filed in the office of the City Clerk within ten days after the date of publication. Bids shall be opened at the next regular or special meeting of the governing body, and the governing body shall then award the work to the lowest responsible bidder. Upon approval of the work, the governing body may require the contractor to accept payment in certificates issued to him or her by the City Clerk entitling him or her to all assessments or special taxes, against such real estate whenever such assessments or special taxes shall be collected together with the interest or penalty collected thereon. Each certificate shall give the legal description of the lot, lots, or parcel of ground against which the assessments or special taxes are assessed. Such certificate or certificates may be assigned and transferred, entitling the holder to the same rights as if held by the original contractor. The County Treasurer shall pay over to such contractor or other holder of the certificate or certificates all assessments or special taxes against such real estate, together with the interest and penalty thereon, at any time upon presentation of such certificate or certificates after said assessments or special taxes against such real estate, together with interest or penalty thereon, shall have been collected.
(Prior Code, § 8-207)