It shall be the duty of the Police Chief to capture, secure, and remove in a humane manner to the municipal animal shelter any cat running at large. The cats so impounded shall be treated in a humane manner and shall be provided with a sufficient supply of fresh food and water each day. Each impounded cat shall be kept and maintained in the pound for a period of not less than five days after public notice has been given unless reclaimed earlier by the owner. Notice of impounding of all animals, including any significant marks or identifications, shall be posted at the office of the City Clerk within 24 hours after impoundment as public notification of such impoundment. Any cat may be reclaimed by its owner during the period of impoundment by payment of $5 for each day of impoundment and $10 for the first offense, as a general impoundment fee. The second time the cat is found running at large and is impounded, the general impoundment fee will be doubled. If the cat is not claimed at the end of required waiting period after public notice has been given, the Police Chief may dispose of the cat in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations pertaining to the same; provided, that if, in the judgment of the Police Chief, a suitable home can be found for any such cat within the municipality, the said cat shall be turned over to that person and the new owner shall then be required to pay all fees in this subchapter. The municipality shall acquire legal title to any unlicensed cat impounded in the animal shelter for a period longer than the required waiting period after giving notice. All cats shall be destroyed and buried in the summary and humane manner as prescribed by the Board of Health unless a suitable home can be found for such cat.
(Prior Code, § 6-207)  (Ord. 539, passed 5-16-1988)