Violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be subject to the following penalties and/or remedies:
   A.   Civil Responsibility For Violation: To obtain compliance with the requirements of this chapter, Benewah County may init iate civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction. Said action may be either legal or equitable in nature and may seek any remedy deemed appropriate by the board of county commissioners or otherwise authorized by Idaho Code section 31-4410 to carry out the purpose of this chapter.
   B.   Criminal Misdemeanor Liability: Any violation of this chapter shall be considered a misdemeanor subject to punishment to the maximum allowed by Idaho Code Section 18-113 or its successor. A separate violation shall be deemed to have occurred for each action committed in violation of this chapter and for each day that a violation has been delivered to the alleged violator. The penalty provisions of Idaho Code section 31-4410 are incorporated into this section and are made a part of it as if set forth fully herein. (Ord. 2023-157, 10-23-2023)