No person shall scavenge or attempt to salvage materials from waste delivered to or deposited at a solid waste disposal site without the authorization of the solid waste director. Nor shall any such party interfere or intercede in any way with the lawful activities of residents of the county or disposal system users who are delivering or depositing solid waste for disposal at an approved solid waste site or with commercial haulers or county employees who are removing or handling waste which has been deposited at an approved disposal site. For purposes of this chapter, a solid waste disposal site shall include any landfill, transfer station, or other disposal facility and any land upon which containers are placed for public disposal of solid waste, whether said land is publicly owned or is provided by a contractor performing pursuant to an agreement with Benewah County. No person shall act in violation of the posted regulations at any approved solid waste disposal site. No person shall dispose of waste at a county operated disposal system component without having paid his/her solid waste fees or other obligations on a current basis.
Any person who violates any provisions of this section shall be deemed to have violated this chapter and shall be subject to the provisions of the penalties and remedies section of this chapter. (Ord. 2023-157, 10-23-2023)