For the purpose of financing the operation of the solid waste department, there is hereby created a solid waste fund to be maintained as a separate fund within the Benewah County budget. This fund shall support all activities made necessary for the continued operation of the solid waste system in Benewah County. The board of county commissioners may, by resolution, establish special accounts within the solid waste fund for stated purposes to meet anticipated operational needs of the solid waste system as it deems necessary and proper.
The board of commissioners may choose from the various revenue options made available to counties to support solid waste activities as outlined in Idaho Code section 3 1-4404 and elsewhere. User fees may be charged to real property owners and other system users as the board of commissioners deems necessary to support solid waste system operation. In accordance with the provisions of this chapter, the board of commissioners may establish fees at any time through passage of a resolution setting forth the fees to be charged for the system. Said fee resolution may be amended at any time to accommodate changes in the fee system and operating policies deemed appropriate by the board of commissioners. A resolution establishing fees shall remain in full force and effect until subsequently repealed or amended. All previously adopted resolutions of the board of commissioners not inconsistent with terms of this chapter are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.
If taxes are ever to be levied for support of the solid waste system, the rate shall be established through the annual budget process and certified to the state tax commission as required by law. All previously established levies not inconsistent with terms of this chapter are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed. (Ord. 2023-157, 10-23-2023)