7-1-7: PERMITS:
   A.   Future Uses: No material change shall be made in the use of land and no structure or tree shall be erected, altered, planted, or otherwise established in any zone hereby created unless a permit therefor shall have been applied for and granted.
      1.   However, a permit for a tree or structure of less than seventy five feet (75') of vertical height above the ground shall not be required in the horizontal and conical zones or in any approach and transitional zones beyond a horizontal distance of four thousand two hundred feet (4,200') from each end of the runway except when such tree or structure, because of terrain, land contour, or topographic features, would extend above the height limit prescribed for the respective zone.
      2.   Each application for a permit shall indicate the purpose for which the permit is desired with sufficient particulars to determine whether the resulting use, structure, or tree would conform to the regulations herein prescribed. If such a determination is in the affirmative, the permit shall be granted.
   B.   Existing Uses: No permit shall be granted that would allow the establishment or creation of an airport hazard or permit a nonconforming use, structure, or tree to become a greater hazard to air navigation than it was on the effective date hereof or any amendments thereto or than it is when the application for a permit is made. Except as indicated, all applications for such a permit shall be granted.
   C.   Nonconforming Uses Abandoned Or Destroyed: Whenever the chairman of the county commissioners determines that a nonconforming tree or structure has been abandoned or more than eighty percent (80%) torn down, physically deteriorated, or decayed, no permit shall be granted that would allow such structure or tree to exceed the applicable height limit or otherwise deviate from the zoning regulations. (Ord. 16, 6-12-1978)
   D.   Variances: Any person desiring to erect or increase the height of any structure, or permit the growth of any tree, or use his property not in accordance with the regulations prescribed in this chapter, may apply to the county planning and zoning commission for a variance from such regulations. Such variances shall be allowed where it is duly found that a literal application or enforcement of the regulations would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship and relief granted would not be contrary to the public interest but will do substantial justice and be in accordance with the spirit of this chapter. (Ord. 16, 6-12-1978; amd. 2011 Code)
   E.   Hazard Marking And Lighting: Any permit or variance granted may, if such action is deemed advisable to effectuate the purpose of this chapter and be reasonable in the circumstances, be so conditioned as to require the owner of the structure or tree in question to permit the county, at its own expense, to install, operate, and maintain thereon such markers and lights as may be necessary to indicate to pilots the presence of an airport hazard. (Ord. 16, 6-12-1978)