The county commissioners shall approve any and all no wake zones in the county. Those areas shall be marked as set forth in section 5-1-5 of this chapter. No wake zones shall be:
   A.   The channel through the railroad bridge at Lake Chatcolet;
   B.   All river channels running into or out of an adjacent lake;
   C.   Cherry Bend boat park;
   D.   From the east end of Carney pole yard in St. Maries, upriver to First Street;
   E.   At the St. Joe campground;
   F.   From the railroad bridge on the St. Maries River, upstream to the Highway Three bridge;
   G.   At the sportsman's access on the St. Maries River;
   H.   At any marina or boat launch;
   I.   Within one hundred feet (100'), and beneath any bridge, structure, or overhang; and
   J.   From Hell's Gulch Creek, upriver, on the St. Joe, or on any portion of the St. Maries River. No motorboat twenty seven feet (27') in length or over shall operate while causing a wake, nor shall any motorboats of that length run two (2) or more abreast or follow within one hundred feet (100') of another. (Ord. 86, 7-10-1995)