(A)   Certificate; information.
      (1)   Each public weighmaster shall make out in triplicate a weight certificate on each load weighed by him or her or his or her deputy containing the following information:
         (a)   The commodity or article weighed;
         (b)   Name of weighmaster or deputy;
         (c)   Name of person, firm or corporation for whom weighing was done;
         (d)   Name of the driver of vehicle, or name of person bringing material to be weighed to scales;
         (e)   Kind of vehicle;
         (f)   Address of consignee;
         (g)   Gross weight of vehicle and driver, or wagon, driver and horses;
         (h)   Tare weight of vehicle and driver, or wagon, horses and driver; and
         (i)   Net weight of the article if not in vehicle.
      (2)   Any weighmaster shall not in any case state tare weight of the vehicle until he or she has ascertained it himself or herself; except in cases of a divided load.
   (B)   Copies.  Each weighmaster must keep a copy of every certificate which shall be numbered, and shall constitute the record of his or her business. Each certificate must be kept for a period of at least two years, and be open to the inspection of the Chief of Police.
(`95 Code, § 117.164)