An ordinance, codified herein, to amend and revise the Income Tax Ordinance for the Village of Bellville, Ohio, originally adopted under Ordinance 37-68 and revised by Ordinance 32-72 and to amend §§ 35.126(B), 35.127(D), 35.128(A), 35.129(A) and 35.133 in keeping with Ohio House Bill 477, to provide for the continued levy of the income tax on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation, and on net profits; new definitions, requirements for return and payment of tax; exceptions to the income tax; declarations of income tax due; credit for tax paid to other municipalities; extension requests; allocation of net profits; requirements for consolidated returns; amending an income tax return; collection of unpaid taxes; provisions for refunds and overpayment of income taxes; provide for a Department of Taxation; the establishment of interest and penalty assessments; the establishment of penalties and violations of the income tax ordinance; request for reports and informational returns by landlords; allocation of funds; duties of the Fiscal Officer; the confidentiality of tax records; establishing a Board of Review; and declaring an emergency.
(Ord. 33-01, Art. 1, passed 12-3-2001)