(A)   The Mayor shall appoint a Chief of Police for the village with the advice and consent of Council.
   (B)   The original appointment of the Chief of Police shall be for a probationary period of six-months’ continuous service. No final appointment of the Chief of Police shall be made until the appointee has satisfactorily served his or her probationary period. At the end of the probationary period the Mayor shall transmit to Council a record of the appointee’s service with his or her recommendation thereon. The Mayor may with the concurrence of Council either remove or finally appoint the appointee.
   (C)   The Chief of Police shall be the peace officer of the village and the executive head, under the Mayor, of the Police Department.
   (D)   In addition to the statutory duties and powers as provided in R.C. §§ 737.18 and 737.19, the Chief of Police shall be required to perform the following duties.
      (1)   (a)   The Chief of Police shall be “on call” at all times except when he or she has scheduled another village police officer to be on call in his or her absence. The Chief of Police shall be responsible for the scheduling of all village police officers. The Chief of Police shall provide a weekly schedule in advance to the Mayor listing the police officers on call and/or on duty for each calendar week.
         (b)   The preceding requirements can be waived only upon advanced written permission by the Mayor. For the purposes of this section, ON CALL shall mean the reasonable ability to receive and respond to any telephone call from within the village.
      (2)   The Chief of Police shall be either on duty or on call during all public events occurring within the village, including but not limited to the annual Village Street Fair and parade.
      (3)   The Chief of Police shall encourage and participate in community activities that promote public safety, respect for the law such as Safety Town and school programs.
      (4)   The Chief of Police shall attend one Council meeting every three months or when otherwise requested by Council or Mayor.
      (5)   The Chief of Police shall not permit the police cruiser to be operated outside the village except in matters of emergency, to transport prisoners, to attend court hearings, and to conduct other public business.
      (6)   The Chief of Police shall maintain a complete inventory of all property and equipment of the Village Police Department. On the second Monday of January of each year the Chief of Police shall submit to the Mayor a complete and signed inventory for the Police Department.
      (7)   The Chief of Police shall maintain accurate records on all Police Department matters including criminal, juvenile, and administrative.
      (8)   The Chief of Police shall administer all Department regulations and guidelines in an efficient and fair manner.
      (9)   The Chief of Police shall prepare a yearly budget and submit it to Finance Committee of Council by the first Monday in June of every year.
      (10)   The Chief of Police shall attend professional training schools and seminars directed and approved by Council, provided Council pays all expenses.
      (11)   The Chief of Police shall maintain a current record of all Police Department keys and present a yearly inventory to the Mayor as provided in division (D)(6) of this section.
   (E)   The Chief of Police in the performance of all his or her duties shall conduct himself or herself in a moral, competent, efficient, honest, and courteous manner.
   (F)   The Chief of Police shall provide the Mayor with notice of his or her intention to leave the employment of the village ten working days prior to the date of termination. Failure to provide the required notice of termination shall result in forfeiture of one-half day of accumulated vacation and/or holiday pay for each day of the ten-day notice period that the Chief of Police fails or refuses to work.
   (G)   The position of Chief of Police shall be a full-time position, and no person holding that office shall hold other employment apart from the duties of Chief of Police. For the purpose of this division (G), the full-time position shall be based on 40 hours per week.
   (H)   The Chief of Police shall be permitted during the months of December, January, February, and March to use a village vehicle to drive home when off-duty.
(Ord. 2-85, passed 3-5-1985; Ord. 14-85, passed 7-2-1985; Ord. 43-86, passed 11-18-1986; Ord. 27-2014, passed 9-2-2014)
   Police Department, see Ch. 32