(A)   Prior to the filing of any nomination papers, there shall be paid to the city treasurer for the use of the general fund of the city, by or on behalf of each candidate, a filing fee equal to one percent of the annual salary such candidate will receive if he or she is elected and qualifies for the office he or she files for as a candidate.
   (B)   Candidates for public office may file by petition or statement of candidacy at a municipal election, except that no nominating papers may be filed until the treasurer’s receipt, showing payment of the filing fee, has been presented to the officer with whom the nominating paper is to be filed.
   (C)   Any person desiring to become a candidate for public office of the city by filing a statement of candidacy shall, no later than March 1 prior to the date of the statewide primary election, or no later than February 15 prior to the date of the statewide primary election if the candidate is the incumbent of any elective office, file with the election commissioner a statement of such candidacy in substantially the following form:
State of Nebraska,
Sarpy County,      ss.
I,                 , being first duly sworn, say that I reside at No.         Street in the City of Bellevue, County of Sarpy, and State of Nebraska; that I am a citizen of the United States, and a qualified voter of such city; that I am a candidate for election for the office of                       to be voted upon at the election to be held on the               day of                   , 20      , and I hereby request that my name be printed upon the official city ballot for election for such office. Subscribed and sworn to before me by the said                                     this                 day of                                       , 20              .
Notary Public
(1964 Code, § 2-39)  (Ord. 3461, § 2, passed 4-14-2008)
Statutory reference:
   Filing and nomination procedures, see Neb. RS 1943, §§ 32-601 et seq.