(A)   No license required under this article shall be required of any individual performing construction, additions, alterations, or repair of the building system of the residence in which he or she owns and resides; provided that such construction is performed in conformity with this code and any other ordinances of the city. In all cases the rules and regulations of this article shall be complied with and such individual shall notify the city of such work proposed, request inspection thereof and pay a permit fee in accordance with the uniform administrative code provisions. Furthermore, this section shall only apply to those installations required for remodeling, additions and repairs. No individual shall engage in any construction activity or new construction without first having been issued a license to do such work.
   (B)   A property owner may construct or act as a Contractor for one new home on vacant land owned by the property owner in a five-year period without having to obtain the required contractor’s license. A homeowner/property owner may not obtain permits in their name and/or use unlicensed contractors to perform the work on their property.
(Ord. 3516, § 3(8-162), passed 5-11-2009; Ord. 3656, § 6, passed 11-28-2011)