(A)   Before the expiration of any license issued pursuant to this division, the holder may, upon payment of the renewal fee as specified in the master fees schedule, make application to the Permits and Inspections Department for renewal of his or her license. Failure to make application for renewal for a license before the expiration date subjects the applicant to pay an additional sum which is specified in the Master Fee Schedule.
   (B)   Effective the date of the ordinance from which this section is derived, all contractors holding a current license as a class A, B, C, D or E Contractor will have a three month grace period after the expiration date of his or her license to pay required fees as stated in the Master Fee Schedule, section 11-120 in order to renew his or her license. After the three month grace period contractors will be required to pay a reinstatement fee, as stated in the Master Fee Schedule. Failure to renew by the end of the grace period shall cause such license to expire. If such license has expired, the building official shall reinstate the license provided an application for reinstatement is made by the contractor within one year of the expiration of the license, a reinstatement fee as stated in the Master Fee Schedule is paid, there are no revocation or suspension proceedings in progress against the license holder and the contractor otherwise meets the requirements for the year of the reinstatement. Except as provided herein, any license that has expired shall not be renewed or reinstated and testing with a minimum passing score of 70 percent will be mandatory in order for the building official to issue a license to do work within the city and its extra-territorial zoning jurisdiction.
(Ord. 3516, § 3(8-152), passed 5-11-2009; Ord. 3652, § 3(8-152), passed 11-28-2011)