(A)   Definitions. As used herein, the following words and phrases have the meanings indicated for them:
      “GUEST.” Any person or persons who rent a short-term rental unit.
      “LIABILITY INSURANCE.” Insurance procured and paid for by Owner, in an amount sufficient to provide coverage to guests in the case of injury or death to guests while in or about the short-term rental building and/or unit.
      “OFF STREET PARKING.” Parking for vehicles of guests, provided by owners of short-term rental buildings, not on City of Bellevue streets or City of Bellevue public parking lots.
      “OWNER.” Any person, as defined herein, who has legal Ownership of a building used as a short-term rental building.
      “PERSON.” The word “PERSON” means any human being or beings, or organization, or combination thereof in the form of a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, unincorporated association, sole proprietor, individual, or otherwise.
      “SHORT-TERM RENTAL BUILDING.” A short-term rental building means an owner-occupied dwelling which includes guestrooms or suites for rent by persons not members of the owner-occupant's household.
      “UNIT AND SHORT-TERM RENTAL UNIT.” “UNIT” and “SHORT-TERM RENTAL UNIT” is that portion of an owner-occupied dwelling, where enclosed, exclusive and traditional sleeping quarters are provided (i.e. bedroom), and may not be a portion of the short-term rental building temporarily used to house short-term rental guests, including but not limited to tents or structures in front, side or back yards, closets, living rooms, studies and/or dining rooms.
   (B)   rules and regulations for short-term rentals. The operation of short-term rental units is subject to the following standards and conditions:
      (1)   A permit from the city is required.
      (2)   Short-term rental units are permitted in attached single-family dwellings, detached single-family dwellings, two-family dwellings, townhomes, and condominiums.
      (3)   Short-term rentals and/or short-term rental units are not permitted in the following: bed-and-breakfast, hotel or a motel, an extended stay hotel or motel, a dwelling organized as seniors' housing.
      (4)   A short-term rental building, for purposes of this section, must be the owner's principal residence, and occupied by owner for at least one hundred and eighty three (183) days per calendar year.
      (5)   Short-term rental guests shall not stay more than fourteen (14) consecutive days in duration.
      (6)   A short-term rental building used for short-term rentals shall have no more than four (4) guest-rooms. Each floor of the Short-Term Rental Building shall have a functioning carbon-monoxide alarm, each hallway interconnecting guest-rooms shall have a functioning smoke detector, no guest-room shall have more than four occupants, and each guest room shall have a functioning smoke detector. All short-term rental buildings and units shall be in compliance with the applicable building codes.
      (7)   Guests may use a kitchen to prepare meals. Kitchens used by guests equipped with a stove, oven, or range shall have a fire extinguisher conspicuously displayed and a functioning smoke detector.
      (8)   Signs for identifying or advertising short-term rentals are not permitted.
      (9)   Owners of short-term rental units must obtain an occupational/business license from the City of Beiievue.
      (10)   Each dwelling used for short-term rental shall be subject to inspection by the Building Inspector prior to the issuance of an annual business license, and at all renewals, and all Short-Term Rental Buildings shall be subject to Chapter 156A regarding rental licensing.
      (11)   Pursuant to and consistent with § 156A.06, an annual fee of forty dollars ($40) shall be paid by each short-term rental owner for each short-term rental unit as defined by division (A); i.e. a per unit fee for three (3) units in a single structure equals one-hundred and twenty dollars ($120).
      (12)   Owners of three (3) or more units in the same short-term rental building shall provide off-street parking for their guest(s). The parking maybe off-site on private property.
      (13)   Each Short-Term Rental Building shall conspicuously display § 94.01 prohibiting unusual or loud noise.
      (14)   Each short-term rental owner shall obtain and maintain, at owner's sole expense, liability insurance to cover guest(s) in the event of injury or death while guest is in, on or about the short-term rental building and/or unit.
   (C)   Civil penalties. Each separate violation of this section is hereby classified as a civil offense, for which:
      (1)   The maximum civil fine required by K.R.S. 65.8808(2)(b)(l) that maybe imposed for each separate violation of this section, is hereby established as twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500.00); and
      (2)   The specific civil fine required by K.R.S. 65.8808(2)(b)(2) that will be imposed for each separate offense and violation of this section if the person who has committed the violation and offense does not contest a citation therefor, is hereby established as five hundred dollars ($500.00);
      (3)   The Code Enforcement Board, pursuant to §§ 35.97 through 35.105, shall enforce this ordinance and its penalty provisions.
      (4)   Multiple violations (three (3) or more) of this section may result in Occupational License suspension as decided by the Code Enforcement Board;
      (5)   An enforcement officer may, in lieu of immediately issuing a civil citation therefor, give notice that the violation of this section shall be remedied within a specific period of time.
(Ord. 2019-04-03, passed 8-14-19; Am. Ord. 2019-11-02, passed 12-11-19; Am. Ord. 2022-10-01, passed 11-9-22)