A.   Regulation of the subdivision of land and the attachments of reasonable conditions thereto is a proper exercise of valid police power granted to the City by article XII, section 2 of the Idaho Constitution. The subdivider has the duty of compliance with reasonable conditions laid down by the Council and commission for design, dedication, improvement, and restrictive use of land so as to conform with the physical and economic development of the City and the safety and general welfare of future plot owners in the subdivision and the public at large.
   B.   All proposed subdivisions of land shall comply with the regulations of this title.
   C.   There shall be compliance with the regulations and procedures contained in this title prior to any of the following:
      1.   The division of a parcel of land into two (2) or more tracts, lots, or parcels for transfer of ownership, building development, leasing, or encumbering with mortgage or deed of trust;
      2.   The establishment of a condominium or townhouse, as herein defined;
      3.   The enlargement of Municipal streets, facilities, and easements;
      4.   The acquisition of collector or arterial street rights-of-way by any public agency in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan;
      5.   Any alteration, modification, change, addition to or deletion from any plat of record, including boundary shifts and/or removal of lot lines between existing platted or unplatted lots or parcels of land. (Ord. 91-01, 12-2016)
   D.   Denial of a subdivision permit or approval of a subdivision permit with conditions unacceptable to the landowner may be subject to the regulatory taking analysis provided for by section 67-8003, Idaho Code. (2018 Code)