11-1-2: PURPOSES:
The general purpose of this title is to protect and promote the public health, safety, convenience, and welfare by establishing regulations and a process of review for all proposed subdivisions of land. This title establishes standards for land subdivision in order to accomplish the following:
   A.   To promote orderly, harmonious, and integrated development of land;
   B.   To provide safe, adequate, and efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic systems and circulations;
   C.   To provide adequate all-weather ingress and egress to subdivisions and lots therein;
   D.   To prevent overcrowding of land and congestions on streets and highways;
   E.   To provide for adequate air, light, solar access, privacy, and open space;
   F.   To provide for adequate fire protection;
   G.   To prevent inadequate or inappropriate provision of water, sewer, streets and pedestrian easements and public expenditures to provide such improvements;
   H.   To protect and conserve wildlife, streams, natural topography, and other desirable natural features by providing for maximum retention of natural topographic features and qualities such as, but not limited to, skyline and ridge tops, knoll ridges, established trees and shrub masses, topsoil, streambeds and stream banks, drainage swales, and preventing damage to the natural environment or scenic beauty;
   I.   To safeguard and enhance the character, appearance, and economic stability of the community;
   J.   To provide adequate and uniform monumenting of land subdivisions and promote accurate legal descriptions;
   K.   To protect the economic base of the community, including property values;
   L.   To provide access to public lands and waters;
   M.   To ensure the provision and construction of adequate improvements including, but not limited to, water, sewer, and other utilities, streets, bridges, drainage, street lighting, and easements;
   N.   To encourage and promote energy conservation and alternative energy sources as well as other advanced building technology;
   O.   To ensure conformance of proposed subdivisions with the above stated purposes and to ensure design conformance with the standards and purposes of this title and all other Municipal ordinances relating thereto, including subsequent amendments. (Ord. 91-01, 12-2016)