A.   Independent Lines Required; Exceptions:
      1.   Each single-family residential dwelling unit on a separate lot or parcel shall have a separate and independent water service line with a corporation stop. Each nonresidential building on a lot or parcel shall have a separate and independent water service line with a corp stop, and no building or unit on a lot or parcel of land shall share a water service line to another building or unit on a different lot or parcel of land. Separate, independent water service lines are not required for each RV space in an RV park, each manufactured home space in a mobile home park, each unit in a motel or cabin court, each room in a hotel, each unit in a multiple-family dwelling, or an accessory dwelling unit. The water service line shall be on the same property as the unit, units or buildings being served and shall not cross another parcel of real property without a written permit therefor being issued by the WSI to ensure the adequacy of the design, location and recorded easement therefor.
      2.   Where water service is now provided through one building water line to several buildings, upon written application of the property owner, the City may approve in writing, for a stated and limited period of time, subject to reasonable conditions, continuing to provide water service through said line until separate water service lines are provided at the owner's expense. Where more than one water user is served from one such service line, the established rate shall be charged for each building or use served in the same manner as if each did, in fact, have an individual water service line.
   B.   Installation Of Lines:
      1.   When a water connection permit has been granted, the water tap at the water main and the line from the water main to the corporation stop shall be installed by the City at the applicant's expense, and the water service line from the corporation stop to the building shall be installed and maintained by and at the expense of the owner of the building served.
      2.   All water service lines within any public right-of-way or easement shall be constructed, inspected before the work is covered, tested, and certified as being in conformance with the City standard drawings and standard specifications governing the construction of water service lines. All costs and expenses incident to the installation and/or connection of the building water service line and/or service connection, as well as all costs and expenses for repairs and replacements of any damaged or defective building water service lines and/or service connections occurring after inspection and approval by the City Water Superintendent, shall be borne by the property owner receiving service therefrom. The property owner shall indemnify the City from any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly be occasioned to the public water system as a result of the installation of the building water service line, the making of the service connection and/or the repair and replacement of the same.
      3.   If the property owner neglects, fails or refuses to correct, repair or replace any such damage or defect within thirty (30) days after receiving written notice to correct, issued by the City, the City may correct the same at the costs and expense of the property owner. Said written notice to correct shall be served upon any such property owner personally, or by registered or certified mail, directed to his last known post office address, and should the building water line or connection in question run from a living unit, such written notice to correct shall also be served on the occupant thereof personally, or by registered or certified mail, directed to his or her last known post office address, and if such occupant is absent therefrom, by posting such notice in a conspicuous place at the entrance of the living unit.
   C.   Maintenance And Repair Of Lines:
      1.   All water users shall keep their individual water service lines in good repair and condition so that said lines shall function properly, not leak and not allow detectible amounts of groundwater to enter into the public water system.
      2.   When any water service line is obstructed, broken or leaking, the owner of the building served shall immediately repair or cause to be repaired the same at his own expense. No person shall construct, relay, repair, or extend any water service line without having first obtained the appropriate permit(s) therefor. (Ord. 2010-06, 9-23-2010)