Ord. No.   Date   Description 
V2, p. 9   5-28-1881   New York, Chicago & St. Louis RR. Co. for certain place in City.
V2, p. 10   7-16-1881   Wheeling & Lake Erie RR for certain streets in City.
V2, p. 15   2-24-1882   New York, Chicago & St. Louis Rwy. Co. for depot on Railroad St.
V2, p. 90   6-13-1891   Sandusky & Columbus, Lake Erie & Southern Shortline Rwy. Co. for certain streets in City.
V2, p. 134   8-31-1892   Sandusky & Columbus Shortline Rwy. Co. for certain streets in City.
V2, p. 233   2-3-1897   Sandusky Telephone Co. for telephone poles and wires.
V2, p. 237   2-24-1897   H.C. Stahl, J. Vickery and C.R. Callaghan for telephone poles and wires.
V3, p. 27   7-5-11   B.A. Worthington for double track railroad.
40    2-12-13   Bellevue Illuminating & Power Co. for poles and wires.
264   3-9-25   Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy. Co. for crossing Broad St.
413   1-8-34   City, for tile water line.
495   11-9-36   City, for water line under tracks of the Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy. Co.
570   3-24-40   Ohio Public Service Co. for poles, wires, etc.
588   11-26-40   Director of Highways for improvement of Fremont-Bellevue Rd.
604   7-13-42   Wheeling & Lake Erie RR. Co. for track across Southwest St.
608   4-27-42   City, for drainage rights.
614   2-8-44   City for pipeline across tracks of Wheeling and Lake Erie Rwy. Co. and New York Central Co.
618   5-31-43   City for pipeline across tracks of Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy. Co.
619   5-31-43   City, for pipeline across tracks of New York Central RR Co.
628   2-14-44   Pennsylvania RR. Co., Pennsylvania, Ohio & Detroit RR. Co., Wheeling and Lake Erie RR. Co., New York, Chicago & St. Louis RR. Co., New York Central RR. Co. for removing and replacing tracks and crossings at certain streets.
673   1-14-46   Pennsylvania, Ohio and Detroit RR. Co. for 2 tracks across Goodrich Rd. for 25 yrs.
676   3-11-46   Director of Highways for centerlines on State highways in City.
702   4-28-47   National Farm Machinery Cooperative Inc. for industrial siding on McKim St.
809   10-30-50   Certain lot owners for septic drainage lines under Belle Ave.
14-62   4-30-62   Ohio Edison Co., for transmission and distribution system on City Reservoir, part of Outlot 1435.
26-62   9-24-62   Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, Div. of Wildlife for public fishing rights in 5 City reservoirs.
1-63   1-14-63   City and Johnson Furnace Co. rescinding existing City right of way from Inlot 492 to Monroe St. and substituting new right of way from McKim St. to Inlot 492.
16-66   9-26-66   Ohio Edison Co., for part of Inlot 255, Original Town Plat, for poles and wires.
19-66   9-26-66   City for sewer and roadway E-W along south 11.22 acres of Didion: a N-S easement on west 25 ft. of Ohio Edison Co. easement; and E-W 30 ft. easements near Columbia Gas Co. easement in Sec. 4, Groton Twp.
16-67   10-30-67   City, from New York Central RR for sewer main.
16-68   8-12-68   City, from Norfolk & Western RR for sewer mains.
23-69   3-31-69   City, from Penn-Central RR for sewer main outlet for sanitary sewer from Heter to Kilbourne Sts.
39-71   6-29-71   City, from D.E. Smith for sanitary sewer, north 100 ft. of Inlots 1335 and 1336.
50-71   9-13-71   City, from C.H. Potter, for sanitary sewer.
Res.9-75   5-27-75   City, from K. and D. Murphy and Triplex International Inc. for sidewalk to Harmon Field.
24-79   7-30-79   Waiving City rights across Inlots 1825, 1826, 1836, 1837, 1852, 1853, 1861 and 1862.
Res.R-10-88   7-11-88   Authorizes grant of easement to James A. and Shirley Fleming for a lift station and accessories.
42-90   7-9-90   Authorizes grant of easement to Willis J. Lodge for sewer, water and gas lines through part of Inlot 1319.
46-90   8-13-90   Authorizes grant of easement to Roger A. Miller.
48-90   8-27-90   Authorizes grant of easement to Larry D. and Roberta A. Hollingshead for garage purposes.
52-90   10-22-90   Authorizes grant of easement to GTE Telephone Operations-North Area for lines over City property.
24-91   7-8-91   To Mary Vassallo for continued use of her garage on Maple St.
10-92   2-24-92   To GTE North Corp. to construct and maintain lines.
30-92   6-8-92   Authorizes grant of easement to L.M. Walters.
51-93   10-25-93   Authorizes grant of easement to estate of H. Baughman.
25-95   3-27-95   To Esther M. Mingus for continued use of her garage.
75-97   1-12-98   Authorizes grant of easement to Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc. for Parcel #03-60-00-0104-03.
29-98   6-8-98   Authorizes grant of easement to M.L. Birch for use of her porch which encroaches into r-o-w of Lyme St.
1-00   1-10-00   Authorizes grant of easement to Level 3 Communications, LLC, for part of Lot 329, 330, Fourth Ward, E of Norfolk and Southern RR r-o-w (except portion granted to Toledo Edison Co.) for underground communications.