(a)   Refuse.
(1)   No furniture (except lawn furniture in good repair), mattresses, household furnishings, rugs, appliances, unused posts, discarded or abandoned machinery and construction equipment shall be placed or stored in any yard area or use within the City over a period in excess of five (5) days.
(2)   Exterior property areas of all premises or uses, including but not limited to fences and driveways, shall be kept free of debris, objects, materials or conditions that create a health, accident or fire hazard, or are a public nuisance, or constitute a blighting influence of the neighborhood. All debris shall be removed within five (5) days.
   (b)   Accessory Structures.
(1)   All structures or uses located in the yard area within the City, such as sheds, barns, garages, bins, and the like, shall be maintained in good and safe repair in conformance with other provisions of this Chapter having regard to foundations, roofs, and exterior surfaces.
(2)   Any broken, rusted, deteriorated or decayed fence, yard enclosure or other device or structure located in the yard area contiguous to any structure or use within the City shall be repaired or removed.
   (c)   Ground Surface Hazards.
(1)   Holes, cracks, excavation, breaks, projections and obstructions at any place on the premises, including but not limited to driveways and sidewalks, which are a hazard to persons using the premises, shall not be permitted and shall be remediated.
         (Ord. 3-15. Passed 2-23-15.)