1319.02  SURETIES.
   The officer to whom application is made for a license to move a building, shall not grant or issue the same until satisfied that the building or structure, can be so moved without doing injury to the street or other public places along the proposed route or to anything appurtenant thereto, nor until the applicant files with such officer an undertaking, with good and sufficient sureties, payable to the City, conditioned to save the City harmless from any and all damages that may result from moving the building or structure, and that the applicant shall repair, or cause to be repaired, all damage or injury done to any such street or other public place or to anything appurtenant thereto.
   The license shall state therein the time for which it is granted.
   If in the moving of such building or other structure on or along any street or other public place of the City, it is necessary to break, tear down, raise or remove any leads, lines or wires of any telephone, telegraph, electric light or electric railway company, the location of which has been authorized by the City, the mover of such house or other structure desiring to cross or go through any such leads, lines or wires, shall give the local manager or agent of the company owning or operating the same, twenty-four hours written notice of his intention and desire so to do, specifying the streets and routes along which he desires and proposes to move the same.  It then shall be the duty of such manager or agent in charge of such leads, lines or wires, to cause the same to be raised or removed with the least practical expense, so as to permit such building or other structure to be so moved through or past the same, according to the specifications in such notice.
   Such manager or agent shall, after the receipt of the notice, and within twenty-four hours thereafter, submit to the officer to whom application for such license is made, an estimate of the reasonable cost and expense of removing and replacing such wires, which shall in no case exceed the actual cost and expense thereof.  It shall be the duty of the officer to whom such application is made, before granting such license, to require such applicant to deposit with him, in cash, the amount so estimated.  However, if, in the opinion of such officer, such estimate is exorbitant and unreasonable, he shall revise and fix the same, and the amount so determined upon by him shall be binding upon all the parties, and such amount shall be paid by the officer to such manager or agent, after he is satisfied that such leads, lines or wires have been raised or removed, so as to permit the moving of the building.  If the manager or agent neglects or refuses to submit such an estimate, the officer to whom the application is made shall, nevertheless, determine such cost and expense and shall require the deposit of the same, which amount so determined shall be final and conclusive, and shall be paid to such manager or agent, provided he has caused such work to be done.
(Ord. 1-55.  Passed 3-18-55.)