The Planning Commission shall act on the final plat within thirty (30) days after filing, unless such time is extended by agreement with the subdivider, the final plat is withdrawn or a delay-of-action is requested and granted. Conditional approval of a final plat shall be limited to minor clerical and other non-substantive errors as determined by the Planning Commission. If disapproved, the reason shall be stated in the record of the Planning Commission. Failure of the Planning Commission to act upon the final plat within such time shall be deemed an approval of the plat. If disapproved, the subdivider shall make the necessary corrections and resubmit the final plat, within thirty (30) days, to the Planning Commission for its final approval. If a final plat is refused by the Planning Commission, the person resubmitting the plat, which the Planning Commission refused to approve, may file a petition within sixty (60) days after such refusal in the court of common pleas of the county in which the land described in said plat is situated.
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)