(a)    The plat shall be prepared by a land surveyor registered in Ohio and his certification and seal shall appear thereon.
   (b)    The plat shall be drawn on linen cloth with India ink to the scale 1" = 50'. The linen shall not be smaller than 1' x 2' or larger than 2' x 3'. Large plats may require more than one sheet of linen.lf so, the sheets shall be numbered consecutively.
   (c)    Dimensions shall be expressed in feet and decimal parts thereof to the closest hundredth of a foot. Angles shall be expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds to the closest second.
   (d)    The plat shall be complete and consistent in itself as to all measurements. Bearings shall be assumed to show angles.
   (e)    The plat shall show north arrow, date, name and address of owner, surveyor and developer.
   (f)    The plat shall show acceptance and dedication clause, and approvals by City officials for record purposes only. Approval clauses for Law Director, City Engineer, Director of Public Service, Director of Public Safety, Planning Commission and Council shall be provided on the plat.
   (g)    Monuments shall be shown on the plat at all angles in the outlines of the subdivision and at all intersections of streets within the subdivision outline and at all points of curvature. These monuments shall be set in the field at all points indicated on the subdivision plat before the plat is approved for recording purposes except monuments in areas to be paved. Monuments in areas to be paved shall be set during or immediately after the pavement is constructed and before the plat is accepted finally by the City. Municipal, county, section and original lot lines and other survey control lines shall be accurately tied to lines of the subdivision.
   (h)    Building setback lines shall be shown on the plat.
   (i)    Property adjacent to the subdivision shall show the owners' names and either the volume and page of their deeds or the County Auditor's Permanent Parcel Numbers.
   (j)   Existing streets terminating near the boundary of the subdivision shall be shown.
   (k)    Sublets:
(1)    All sublets front on a public street.
(2)    The minimum frontage shall be determined at the building setback line.
(3)    Minimum frontage on a cul-de-sac street and any variations of a cul-de-sac shall be determined at a curved line concentric with the cul-de-sac and no more than fifty feet (50') from the right-of-way line of the cul-de-sac. The measurement shall be along the chord.
(4)    Corner lots shall be large enough to permit a fifteen foot (15') setback on the street facing the side of the house.
(5)    Whenever practicable, side lot lines shall be straight lines perpendicular to the street or radial to the centerline curvature.
(6)    Lots may not be sold until the City accepts the plat for record purposes only.
   (l)    The plat shall conform to all the requirements of Chapter 1127.
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)