(a)    The preliminary plan and vicinity map shall show the type of zoning of an area contiguous to land to be platted.
   (b)    The preliminary map shall be prepared by a land surveyor registered in Ohio and shall be accurately drawn to the scale 1" = 100' or other suitable scale. Dimensions from the County Auditor's map may be used.
   (c)    The preliminary plan shall show all existing streets forming the periphery lot layout for the area to be developed; the street and lot layout for the area to be developed; the existing and proposed locations of drainage ditches; the existing structures on the parcel to be subdivided; the existing structures on properties immediately adjacent and within twenty feet (20') of the boundary lines; the location and description of plugged, capped or active gas wells and natural or man-made sink holes within the subdivision and within one hundred feet (100') of the boundaries of the proposed subdivision.
   (d)    A vicinity map (scale 1" =500' or 1" =1,000') showing the location of all peripheral streets and subdivisions within one mile of the land to be developed and showing the proposed subdivision and proposed streets shall be drawn on the preliminary map or the proposed subdivision shall be drawn on a copy of the City Zoning Map and submitted along with the preliminary map.
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)