A proposed minor subdivision or lot split application shall be filed by the landowner or designated representative. A complete application must contain a survey drawing, a legal description for each lot being created, and a fee (if required). The proposed minor subdivision shall be reviewed for conformance with the Bellevue Zoning Ordinance and any other applicable regulations. Where a transfer of property between adjoining owners, which is less than (5) acres in size, results in a residual parcel, which is less than (5) acres, such residual parcel shall also meet the requirements of the Bellevue Zoning Ordinance Regulations - particularly the lot size requirements for the applicable zoning district. The designated representative(s) of the City of Bellevue shall stamp and sign the deed "approved-no plat required," within seven (7) working days after submission. The deed shall then be taken to the County Auditor for the transfer of property and then to the County Recorder where it will become a legal lot of record. Lot split requests shall expire if not recorded within (90) ninety days following approval. Incomplete or deficient proposals shall be disapproved and the subdivider notified of issues and reasons for the disapproval.
(Ord. 1-15. Passed 2-23-15.)