Ord. No.   Date   Description
V2, P. 14   12-1-1881   Authorization for plat to straighten Railroad St.
V3, P. 286   2-14-16   Authorization for part of Outlot 51.
184   4-14-20   Authorization for land in Lyme Twp.
185   4-28-20   Authorization for land, where sinkhole for sewage, but maintaining right to use sinkhole.
200   3-30-21   Authorization for land on Bellevue-Monroeville Rd.
Res. 275   10-26-25   Land for connecting Wood and Pearl Sts.
412   1-8-34   Authorization for Kudro Lot.
443   5-27-35   Authorization for land of Outlot 51.
465   4-13-36   Land of O.C. Litzkey widening Center St.
490   10-12-36   Strip of land on east line of N. West St.
516   3-18-37   Authorization for land for reservoir.
544   5-9-38   Authorization for property for electric distribution system.
650   3-26-45   Authorization for land for municipal water works system.
686   7-29-46   Authorization for 4 parcels of real estate.
699   3-11-47   Authorization for dwelling house and out-buildings north of Reservoir 4.
774   2-13-50   Authorization for land for playground.
803   10-16-50   Authorization for Inlot 719 and parts of Inlots 316 and 720.
986   10-25-54   Authorization for land at corner of Cemetery and Southwest Sts.
994   1-10-55   Authorization for land at corner of Southwest and Center Sts.
5-64   3-9-64   Sale of part of Outlot 33 at New York Central RR and Lawrence St. and Ashford Ave.
18-64   9-14-64   Sale of part of Inlot 492 except a 15 sq. ft. parcel containing a deep well, deep well pump and pump house and subject to easements reserved to City.
10-66   6-28-66   Option for purchase of 29.5 acres in Sec. 4, Groton Twp. from M.R. Didion for sewer plant.
19-66   9-26-66   Purchase of 29.5844 acres in Lot 4, Sec. 4, Groton Twp. from M.R. Didion for sewage treatment plant.
61-71   11-8-71   Accepting all assets, real and personal, of the Bellevue Community YMCA at 241 Southwest St.
21-73   4-9-73   Authorization for purchase of land at 108, 110, 112 and 114 Southwest St. from Trustees of the DeLuca Trust.
22-73   4-9-73   Authorization for purchase of part of Inlot 164 from V.I. Fenn.
Res.R-17-74   5-13-74   Accepts Harmon Field recreation area from Bellevue City School District Board of Education.
20-74   6-10-74   Authorization for purchase of certain property owned by Joseph Famulare and purchase of the 99 year lease on the property held by Bellevue Recreation Enterprises, Inc.
42-74   10-15-74   Authorization for sale of property previously owned by Bellevue Mausoleum Assn.
11-76   4-26-76   Amends Ord. 20-74, authorizes payment from Federal Revenue Sharing Funds.
4-86   3-3-86   Sale of part of Outlots 503 and 509 to Bishop of Toledo Diocese.
46-87   12-28-87   Authorizes sale to the American Legion of real estate at the northwest corner of W. Main St. and Exchange St.
10-88   2-22-88   Authorizes sale to the American Legion of real estate at the northwest corner of W. Main St. and Exchange St.
20-88   5-23-88   Authorizes sale of City real estate at the northwest corner of W. Main St. and Exchange St; repeals Ords. 46-87 and 10-88.
9-89   2-13-89   Authorizes purchase of 4.18 acres in Inlot 1775 and 3.72 acres in Inlot 1433.
28-89   5-22-89   Authorizes sale of 4.5163 acres in Great Lots 3 and 4, Section 3, Lyme Twp.
18-92   4-13-92   Authorizes City to adjust a recorded boundary line by quit claim deed to R.E. Storm.
54-92   11-9-92   Authorizes sale of Inlot 1905.
60-97   10-14-97   Authorizes purchase of PPN 03-50-00-0168-01 at 200 W. Center St.
52-99   11-8-99   Authorizes purchase agreement with L.R. Properties, Ltd. for real property at 3000 Seneca Industrial Parkway.
12-05   4-11-05   Authorizes the Mayor and/or Safety-Service Director to sign a quit-claim deed releasing any present rights in the Harmon Field.
Res.R-4-12   6-25-12   Accepts the donation of certain real property from the Bellevue City School District, currently known as Ellis School, Ridge School, and the Bellevue Middle School.
Res.R-4-14   8-11-14   Accepts the donation of certain real property at 121 Country View Drive from James J. Shelley.
18-14   7-28-14   Authorizes the purchase of 2.3364 acres from Eric Scagnetti for park purposes.
12-17   1-8-18   Authorize the acquisition of dedicated right of way for the extension of Moore Avenue.
1-20   2-24-20   Acquisition of real property located at 400 East Main Street, Bellevue, Huron County, Ohio.
5-20   2-24-20   Acquisition of real property located at 130 North Buckeye Street, Bellevue, Huron County, Ohio.
11-20   6-8-20   Acquisition of real property from Norfolk Southern Railway Company, Bellevue, Huron County, Ohio.
11-20      6-8-20      Authorizes the Safety-Service Director to enter a Contract of Donation with Norfolk Southern Railway Company for the donation of premises located at or near Sinclair Street and Elm Street.
2-21      2-9-21      Authorizes purchase contract with Tax Ease Funding 2016-01 RED, LLC for property at 127-129 East Main Street (The Old Ben Franklin Building).
24-21   8-9-21   Authorizes the Safety-Service Diretor to enter into a gift agreement with BCFTBC LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, by its sole member, for the donation of property at 206-208 West Center Street.
12-22   6-27-22   Authorizes the sale of Municipal real estate located on the east side of Southwest Street north of the railroad tracks.