(A)   The local Liquor Control Commissioner may, when in his or her judgment, any section of this chapter is violated, revoke the license of the person operating the place where such violation occurs.
   (B)   A conviction by any court of competent jurisdiction under any section of this chapter shall be conclusive justification to the Commissioner for such revocation, subject to the right of appeal as provided for under the laws of the state.
   (C)   In all cases in which such licenses is revoked without a previous conviction under the provisions of this chapter, the Commissioner shall report to the City Council at its next regular meeting the fact of such revocation and the specific reasons therefor.
   (D)   (1)   Any five residents of the city shall have the right to file a complaint with the Commissioner stating that any retailer licensee subject to the jurisdiction of the Commissioner has been or is violating the provisions of the state’s Liquor Control Act, being 235 ILCS 5, the rules or regulations issued pursuant thereto, or the ordinances of the city.
      (2)   Such complaints shall be in writing in the form prescribed by the Commissioner and shall be signed and sworn to by the persons complaining. The complaint shall state the particular provision, rule, regulation or ordinance believed to have been violated and facts in detail upon which belief is based.
      (3)   If the Commissioner is satisfied that the complaint substantially charges a violation and that from the facts alleged, there is reasonable cause for such belief, he or she shall set the matter for hearing and shall serve reasonable notice upon the licensee of the time and place of such hearing and the particular charge in the complaint.
(1960 Code, § 21-1-16) (Ord. 1980, passed - -)