(A)   Beekeepers shall register with the city upon bringing any colony into the city. For bee colonies existing within the city prior to the effective date of this subchapter, beekeepers shall have one month from the date this subchapter went into effect to register with the city for beekeeping. Registrations shall be submitted to the Health, Housing and Building Office.
   (B)   At the time of registration, the applicant shall:
      (1)   Submit proof of registration of the colonies with the state’s Department of Agriculture;
      (2)   Be in compliance with the other requirements of this subchapter; and
      (3)   Provide a drawing of beehives in relation to property lines, distance from neighbors and permanent structures.
(1960 Code, § 26-7-3) (Ord. 7066, passed 1-8-2008; Ord. 8954-2021, passed 6-21-2021)