of the
Patty Gregory, Mayor
Jennifer Gain Meyer, City Clerk
Sarah Biermann, City Treasurer
City Council
Ward One
Joseph Hazel
Bryan Whitaker
Ward Two
Carmen Duco
Jamie Eros
Ward Three
Kent Randle
Scott Ferguson
Ward Four
Johnnie Anthony
Raffi Ovian
Ward Five
Edward Dintelman
Michelle "Shelly" Schaefer
Ward Six
Dr. Mary G. Stiehl
Christopher Rothweiler
Ward Seven
Phillip Elmore
Dennis Weygandt
Ward Eight
Roger Wigginton
Nora Sullivan
Garrett P. Hoerner
City Attorney
Lloyd M. Cueto
Assistant City Attorney
Bill Clay
Police Chief
Matt Eiskant
Assistant Police Chief
JP Penet
Fire Chief
Dave Zahn
Deputy Fire Chief
Jamie Maitret
Director of Finance
Sal Elkott
City Engineer
Seth Miller
Director of Human Resources and Community Development
Sarah Allison
Human Resources/Risk Management/Community Development Assistant
Director of Economic Development, Planning and Zoning
Scott Tyler
Director of Health, Housing and Building
Kathy Kaiser
Communications Director
Sharon Strausbaugh
Coordinator of City Website and Marketing
Steven Thouvenot
Building Commissioner
Ed Escobedo
Electrical, Mechanical and HVAC Inspector
Jason Poole
Director of Public Works and Parks and Recreation
John Hartmann
Assistant Director of Public Works
Craig Maue
Assistant Director of Public Works
Randy Smith, Sr.
Director of Waste Water Treatment Plant and Sewer Lines
Jay Godt
Assistant Director of Waste Water Treatment Plant and Sewer Lines
Erin Clifford
Executive Assistant to Mayor, Deputy Liquor Commissioner
Gigi Dowling Urban
Administrative Liason to the Mayor
Sherry Wright
Sewer Billing Department - Collector, Local Debt Recovery
Scott Markovich
Director of IT
Ty Buckner
Assistant Director of IT
Jerry Massey
Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic
Dean Hardt
Purchasing Agent