It shall be unlawful for any person (by oral or written methods) to solicit, or to peddle, sell, advertise, donate or distribute any product, or service, including but not limited to tickets, handbills, newspapers, or other printed material, to an occupant of a vehicle, or to engage in conversation or discourse with an occupant of a vehicle within or upon a roadway or a median between two roadways, or within the public right-of--way not exceeding 50 feet from the traveled portion of any intersection controlled by an automated traffic signal or stop sign, so as to:
   (A)   Endanger the safety or welfare of an occupant of a vehicle within or upon a roadway, or a pedestrian within the immediate vicinity;
   (B)   Impede the free flow of vehicular traffic on the roadway;
   (C)   Obstruct or distract the view of the driver of such vehicle within or upon a roadway.
(Ord. 14, 2013, passed 9-3-13)
   Peddlers and solicitors in general, see Ch. 115