(A)   The city shall support movement along and across arterial, collector, and local streets within a dense, interconnected, and integrated network. Walking, biking, and public transit will provide a variety of transportation options so that users may reach many potential destinations as part of their daily routines.
   (B)   Network improvements will focus on:
      (1)   Identifying opportunities to enhance the network through maintenance activities;
      (2)   Addressing deficiencies at railroad crossings;
      (3)   Filling gaps in the trail network;
      (4)   Identifying and repairing sidewalk segments that form functional gaps;
      (5)   Consistent enforcement of and assistance with sidewalk clearing in winter;
      (6)   Implementation of the bicycle and pedestrian master plan;
      (7)   Proceeding with implementation of the ADA transition plan;
      (8)   Development of rail travel options to important destinations adjacent to the city; and
      (9)   Creation of a street and sidewalk occupancy program, including coordination with utilities.
(Ord. 10-2018, passed 4-10-18)