(A)   Curbside collection of refuse shall be available to residential units under the terms and conditions of this chapter, and under any reasonable rules and regulations as the Board may adopt. Collection of refuse by the city shall not be available for commercial structures. The funds received from collection of the fees herein shall be for the cost of administration, collection and disposal costs, including equipment and labor costs, associated with the collection and disposal relating to the trash collection service.
   (B)   There is hereby imposed a fee of $12.98 per month upon each residential unit contained in a structure consisting of one through four residential units. Owners of real estate containing five or more residential units shall be charged a fee equal to 80% of the total number of units owned multiplied by $12.98.
      (1)   The fees established herein shall be imposed on and be the obligation of the owner of record of the residential unit or units as shown in the office of the County Recorder. For residential units of four units or less, the monthly fee shall be charged to each residential tenant subject to curbside collection regardless of whether the occupant thereof uses the city refuse curbside collection service or a private trash collection service.
      (2)   For billing purposes of the $12.98 monthly fee (except for apartment buildings, trailer parks, or other similar residential structures containing five units or more) it shall be presumed that each water meter of the Utilities Department serves a structure for which the $12.98 monthly fee is due.
(Ord. 24-2008, passed 11-12-08)