General Provisions
   74.001   Application of parking provisions
   74.002   Signs required
   74.003   Definitions
Stopping, Standing, and Parking
   74.010   Stopping, standing, or parking prohibited
   74.011   Parking not to obstruct traffic
   74.012   Parking in alleys
   74.013   Parking for sale, washing or maintenance of vehicle prohibited
   74.014   Parking adjacent to schools
   74.015   Parking adjacent to buildings
   74.016   Parking on narrow streets
   74.017   Parking on one-way streets
   74.018   Parking on highways
   74.019   Parking in hazardous or congested areas
   74.020   Parking prohibited at all times
   74.021   Parking prohibited during certain hours
   74.022   Parking time limited
   74.023   Angle parking
Passenger and Curb-loading Zones
   74.040   Loading and unloading permits
   74.041   Request for establishment
   74.042   Signs to be posted
   74.043   Expiration and renewal of loading zone permit
   74.044   Parking in zones prohibited
Downtown Limited Parking Zone
   74.050   Description of area
   74.051   Parking restrictions
   74.052   Hours and application of parking restrictions
   74.053   Enforcement; fine to be paid
   74.054   Bus stops, taxi stands, and the like; parking prohibited
City Parking Lots
   74.060   Description
   74.061   Charges for use
   74.062   Parking within designated space
   74.063   Traffic lanes
   74.064   City not liable
   74.065   Parking beyond time limit prohibited
   74.066   Notice to be attached to illegally-parked vehicle
Snow Emergency Routes
   74.075   Short title
   74.076   Declaration of snow emergency
   74.077   Parking during snow emergency
   74.078   Signs to be posted
   74.079   Impoundment of vehicles in violation
   74.080   Citations on vehicles in violation
   74.081   Presumptive evidence of owner
   74.090   Notice on illegally parked car
   74.091   Failure to comply with notice
   74.092   Presumption in reference to illegal parking
   74.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate standing and parking of vehicles, see I.C. 9-21-1-3(a)(1)