General Provisions
   71.001   Police and Fire Department personnel to enforce traffic rules
   71.002   Roller skates, coasters, and the like
Traffic-Control Devices
   71.015   Authority to install
   71.016   Manual and specifications
   71.017   Obedience required
   71.018   Traffic devices required for enforcement
   71.019   Traffic-control signal legend
   71.020   Pedestrian signals
   71.021   Flashing signals
   71.022   Locations of traffic-control devices
   71.023   Interference with devices prohibited
   71.024   Obedience to signal indicating approach of train
Speed Regulations
   71.030   State speed laws applicable
   71.031   Exceptions to state speed laws
One-Way Streets and Alleys
   71.040   Authority to erect signs
   71.041   Obedience to signs required
Turning Movements
   71.050   Restricted- and no-turn signs; obedience required
   71.051   Limitations on backing or turning around
Stop Intersections
   71.060   Designation of through streets
   71.061   Authority to erect stop signs
   71.062   Intersections where stop required
   71.063   Vehicles to stop when traffic obstructed
Play Streets
   71.075   Authority to establish
   71.076   Driving on play streets
Prohibited Acts
   71.085   Driving on sidewalk
   71.086   Unlawful riding
   71.087   Driving on railroad tracks
   71.088   Boarding or alighting from buses or vehicles
   71.089   Motorcycles, off-road vehicles and the like