Sidewalks shall be deemed defective if one or more of the following exist:
   (A)   A crack within a slab or a joint between two adjoining slabs has separated to a distance of one inch or greater in width at any location;
   (B)   An uneven surface which shall include:
      (1)   A vertical offset due to a crack, a gap between slabs, or otherwise, of one inch or more at any location;
      (2)   Any other indentation, rises, or other conditions of any type which prevent the surface of the sidewalk from being smooth and flat; and/or
      (3)   The presence or any grass, moss, dirt, or other organic material on the sidewalk or within the joint between two adjoining slabs.
   (C)   Crumbling, flaking, or chipping of the surface of the sidewalk.
(Prior Code, Ch. 21, Pt. 2, § 204) (Ord. 5-95, passed 9-5-1995)