Sidewalks and curbs shall be constructed, repaired, or reconstructed according to the following specifications and using the following materials only.
   (A)   Sidewalks and curbs shall be of concrete construction. Sidewalks shall be built as a series of independent sections, not more than six feet in length, not less than four feet in width, and not less than four inches in depth.
   (B)   Sidewalks and curbs shall be constructed, repaired, or reconstructed in accordance with the grade and lines established by the Borough Council and/or the state’s Department of Transportation.
   (C)   Sidewalks shall be located to match adjoining sidewalks when practicable.
   (D)   Sidewalks may be constructed or reconstructed of paving bricks of a durable and substantial nature set firmly on a sand and crushed stone base or in a mortar grout only upon special written approval of Borough Council and only upon compliance with such additional specifications as Council may establish.
   (E)   The owners of properties located at the intersection of borough streets, alleys, public ways, or state highways shall construct sidewalks and curbs with necessary curb cuts so that the same are handicapped accessible and in conformance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or any similar federal or state law or regulation.
   (F)   Borough Council shall have the right to grant a variance with regard to any of the specifications set forth in this subchapter when necessary due to unusual or unique circumstances of a property. Requests for variances shall be in writing and grant of a variance and any necessary terms and conditions of variance shall be in writing. In the event a sidewalk is not constructed, repaired, or reconstructed in accordance with the terms of the variance within six months of the date the variance is granted, the variance shall expire.
(Prior Code, Ch. 21, Pt. 2, § 203) (Ord. 5-95, passed 9-5-1995; Ord. 2-2001, passed 7-2-2001)