A City Manager shall be appointed by Council to serve at the will of Council, a vote of the majority of all the members of Council being required for his appointment.
   He may be removed from office by the vote of the majority of all the members of Council. At least thirty (30) days before such removal shall become effective, Council shall by a majority vote of its members adopt a preliminary resolution stating the reasons for his removal. The City Manager may reply in writing and may request a public hearing, which shall be held not earlier than twenty (20) days or later than thirty (30) days after the filing of such request, but pending and during such hearing Council may suspend him from office. After such public hearing, if one be requested, and after full consideration, Council may by majority vote of all its members adopt a final resolution of removal. The action of Council in suspending or removing the City Manager shall be final, it being the intention of this Charter to vest all authority and fix all responsibility for such suspension and removal in Council. Until the City Manager is chosen, or in the event of his disability or suspension, Council may designate someone to perform the duties of City Manager during such period.