In the event that Council shall determine that a vacancy exists in the office of any member of Council, other than the Mayor, the Council shall by a majority of its remaining members appoint a qualified interim successor to the office of the vacant member of the Council. If the vacancy is determined during the last year of the vacated officer's term, then the person appointed to fill the vacancy as the interim successor shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term; otherwise, an election shall be held at the next regular municipal or general election to be held more than sixty days after the determination of the vacancy, at which election a qualified person shall be elected to fill the unexpired term of office, and the person elected at that election shall take office five days after the final certification of his or her election by the election authorities or as soon thereafter as may be practical. In the  event that three or fewer persons continue as members of the Council, then those officers designated in Section 8 of this Article II shall serve as temporary members of the Council for the purpose of selecting the interim successors, and such officers shall cease to serve on the Council upon the qualification of the interim successors. Such officers serving as temporary members of the Council shall have all powers, duties and functions of a member of the Council during their temporary tenure on the Council. The provisions in the last paragraph of Section 8 of this Article II providing that such officers designated as temporary at large council members shall serve "until an election can be held as is otherwise set forth in this Charter" shall be inapplicable and considered to have been repealed on and after January 1, 1992. A vacancy in the office of Mayor shall be filled in the manner set forth in Section 8 of Article II of this Charter.
(11-2-71; 11-2-82; 11-5-91)