(a)   In conjunction with Chapter 1309 "Enforcement; Penalty", after the Building Commissioner issues a permit to construct the permit holder shall notify the City Engineer, who provides site inspection, at least two working days prior to any earth disturbing activities in the development area.
   (b)   All permitted earth-disturbing activities shall be subject to site inspection by the City Engineer, to determine compliance with this chapter, and the Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District. The Occupancy Permit (Chapter 1339) may be withheld by the Building Commissioner until all requirements are met.
   (c)   The City Planning and Zoning Commission may grant a variance from the provisions of this chapter where the applicant or permit holder can show the compliance with all
or part of such provisions is not appropriate. A variance may be granted if the probability of off- site damage is slight because of exceptional topographic or other physical conditions of the development area. The issuance of a variance does not eliminate obligations to meet Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Requirements. Requests for variances shall be submitted in writing to the City Planning Commission and shall include justification for the granting of the variance. 
(Ord. 7665-04.  Passed 1-17-05.)