The plan shall be submitted to the City Building Commissioner on a scaled site plan for the particular site development. The following specific information shall be included in the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan:
   (a)   The development area and all pertinent surrounding features, including water resources, sensitive areas and existing storm water conveyance systems.
   (b)   Existing and proposed watershed boundary lines, the direction of flow and the existing and proposed watershed acreage.
   (c)   The types of soils within or affected by the development area and the location of all highly erodible or unstable soils, as determined by the most current edition of the Soil Survey of Cuyahoga County. Other soils information such as permeability, perched water table and location of bedrock may be noted.
   (d)   Surface water locations, including springs, wetlands, streams, lakes, ponds, etc., on or within 200 feet of the site boundary.
   (e)   Separate Municipal storm sewer system or storm water management structure, such as a detention basin, if storm waters will be discharging into it.
   (f)   Existing and planned locations of buildings, roads, utilities and parking facilities which may affect proposed erosion and sediment control practices and storm water management facilities.
   (g)   Borrow, spoil and topsoil stockpile areas and sensitive areas.
   (h)   Proposed storm water pollution practices.
   (i)   The plan for protection, enhancement or replacement of riparian zones around any stream, waterway or wetland contained on the site.
      (Ord. 7665-04.  Passed 1-17-05.)