Noise Control
511.01   Definitions.
511.02   General prohibition of noise emissions.
511.03   Noise from persons or stationary noise sources in Residential Zoning Districts or affecting residential or institutional property.
511.04   Noise from persons or stationary noise sources in Commercial and Industrial Zoning Districts.
511.05   Noise from mobile noise sources.
511.06   Noise in places used for entertainment.
511.07   Noise artificially amplified.
511.08   Federal noise emissions standards.
511.09   Conflict with other regulations.
511.10   Variances.
511.11   Playing of radios, boom boxes, tape cassettes, disc players or any other sound devices prohibited.
511.12   Criminal activity nuisances, costs of enforcement. (Repealed)
511.99   Penalty
      Peace disturbances - see GEN. OFF. 509