1323.01   Purpose.
1323.02   Definitions.
1323.03   Issuance of permits and exemptions.
1323.04   Correction of hazardous conditions.
1323.05   Plans and specifications.
1323.06   Field construction observation and testing by registered professional.
1323.07   Waiver or modification of submission of plans and  specifications.
1323.08   Prohibition of certain excavations, fills or grades.
1323.09   Setbacks of tops and toes.
1323.10   Protection against erosion.
1323.11   Protection and relocation of sewers and drainage courses.
1323.12   Notification of adjoining  owners.
1323.13   Examination of adjoining properties.
1323.14   Support of adjoining structures.
1323.15   Access to adjoining premises.
1323.16   Requirement of bond.
1323.17   Schedule of fees.
1323.18   Permit limitations.
1323.19   Notification by permit holder.
1323.20   Suspension of operations by Building Commissioner.
1323.21   Issuance of building permit.
1323.22   Right of appeal to the Board of Building Standards and Appeals.
1323.99   Penalty.
      Excavations in public right of way - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 901