(a)   Building/Code Official.  In such Codes where the term "Building Official" or "Code Official" is used, the same shall refer to the Building Commissioner and/or the other official agent or employee designated by the Building Commissioner or City Manager.
(Ord. 7215-00.  Passed 3-6-00.)
   (b)   Board of Building Standards and Appeals.  In such Codes, where the term “Board of Building Standards and Appeals” or “Board of Appeals” are used, the same shall refer to the Board of Building Standards and Appeals of the City of Bedford.
(Ord. 7668-04.  Passed 1-3-05.)
   (c)   City.  In such Codes, when the term "City" is used, the same shall refer to the City of Bedford.
   (d)   City of Bedford.  The name "City of Bedford" is inserted in any and all blank spaces provided in such Codes for the name of the City adopting such Code. Words and terms used in such Code shall be construed to mean the words, terms and titles applicable to the City of Bedford. 
(Ord. 7215-00.  Passed 3-6-00.)