(a)    A building permit shall be obtained from the Building Commissioner before proceeding with any construction, alteration, repair, moving or demolition of any dwelling or structure.  A separate permit shall be obtained for electrical work, plumbing work, heating appliances and all other equipment installation that is regulated by this Building Code.
(Ord.  9755-20.  Passed 2-18-20.)
   (b)    No building permits shall be issued by the Department of Building for the construction of buildings within the City unless there are deposited with the Building Commissioner such performance cash or surety bonds in the amounts hereinafter set forth to insure to the City that all work shall be properly completed and at the conclusion of the work, the refuse shall be properly disposed of and any damage to sidewalks, curbing, public utilities or adjoining property caused by such construction shall be properly repaired or replaced.  The value of said bond shall be equal to 100% of the total value of all work being performed or all structures being constructed in the City of Bedford at any one time.  This bond shall be for the benefit of the City only, is not assignable, and shall not create any third-party beneficiaries.  This bond shall be supplemental to that required in Section 1303.08.  The term of such bond shall be the entire term of construction of the project. 
(Ord. 9106-13.  Passed 9-3-13.)
   (c)   When each building or portion thereof for which a deposit has been made under this section is completed, the owner or his agent shall notify the Department of Building and request a final inspection of the work and refund of the deposit.  If the Building Commissioner finds that the work has been completed satisfactorily, that no property has been damaged and that all refuse has been properly disposed of, he shall issue an order to the Director of Finance to return to the depositor the original deposit less the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) which is to be retained by the City as a final inspection fee.  In the event that the Building Commissioner finds the work incomplete or that property has been damaged or that the premises are left in an unclean condition, he shall notify the owner or his agent and return of the deposit shall be withheld until the matters complained of are corrected satisfactorily and in the event the owner or his agent does not make the necessary corrections within a reasonable time after notification by the Building Commissioner, the Commissioner shall cause the same to be made and advise the Director of Finance to deduct the cost thereof from the deposit made and to return the balance to the depositor.
(Ord. 7215-00.  Passed 3-6-00.)