Permits, Bonds, Deposits and Fees
1305.01   When required.
1305.02   Application.
1305.03   Plans and specifications.
1305.04   Landscaping.
1305.05   Design data.
1305.06   Plans for construction of buildings and structures.
1305.07   Issuance of permit.
1305.08   Collection of charges for property not previously assessed.
1305.09   Building plan review by Planning Commission.
1305.10   Site plan approval; requirements and performance standards.
1305.11   Conditions of permit.
1305.12   Time limitation.
1305.13   Work without permit.
1305.14   Construction deposits. (Deleted)
1305.15   Certificate of occupancy.
1305.16   Fee schedule.
1305.17   Restrictions on house moving; permit and fee.
1305.18   Movement of fill dirt and topsoil; permit and fee.
1305.19   Inspection to determine eligibility for school enrollment; fee.
      Fees for plan approval - see Ohio R.C. 3791.07