1303.08  BOND.
   (a)   Each applicant for a certificate of registration shall furnish a performance bond for the benefit of the City and its assigns in the amount of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) and in form and substance satisfactory to the Building Commissioner of the City of Bedford.
(Ord. 9177-14.  Passed 7-21-14.)
   (b)   Upon receipt of a complaint about a contractor’s timeliness, workmanship or materials from a person who has contracted with the contractor for a project within the City, the Building Commissioner of the City of Bedford shall assign the bond to such person in whole.  Any such complaint must be in writing, must describe the contractor’s failure or refusal to perform in a good and workmanlike manner, to perform in a timely manner, to provide materials of appropriate quality or quantity or to otherwise substantially perform the contractor’s contractual obligations to the person filing the complaint and must be acknowledged before a notary public.
   (c)   If a contractor’s bond is assigned as provided in paragraph (b) above and the contractor has contracted for any other project or projects within the City, the contractor shall immediately cease all work related to that project or those projects, until the contractor’s bond is reassigned to the City and the contractor provides a new bond in accordance with paragraph (a) above.
(Ord. 7571-03.  Passed 10-6-03.)