(a)    No person shall hold a sale which shall extend for more than a period of six (6) days duration in any two week (2 wk.) period or before 9:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. on any sale day. For good cause shown the City Manager may grant an extension of not to exceed three (3) days for the duration of the sale.
   (b)    No person shall hold such a sale on any property where such a sale has previously been held at any time within the previous six months (6 mos.). The City Manager may waive this restriction when there has been a change of ownership of the property within such one year (1 yr.) period or in cases where its enforcement would create undue hardship.
   (c)    No person shall hold such a sale where it is intended to sell or offer for sale any property other than such as is described in Section 735.01, or any property which is not on the date of such application legally owned by the occupant of the premises where such sale is proposed to be conducted. or any property which has not been continuously physically located upon such premises for a period of at least thirty (30) days next preceding the date of application for such permit.
   (d)    No person shall hold such a sale when such sale is to be conducted or managed in any way, whether directly or indirectly, by any person other than the occupant of the premises where the sale is to be conducted, unless and until there has been filed with the City Manager a good and sufficient bond in the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00), with two or more sureties thereon or with the surety thereon being a surety company authorized to do business within the State of Ohio, which bond shall be subject to the approval of the Director of Law, and shall be conditioned upon the faithful observance of all provisions and conditions of this Chapter and the terms and conditions of the permit to be issued, and which shall also indemnify any purchaser of such sale who suffers any loss by reason of any misrepresentation made in the course of such sale or with respect to any property there sold.
(Ord. 3573-70.  Passed 11-16-70.)