A.   The following procedures apply regarding copies of records:
      1.   Record custodians shall handle all copy requests in accordance with their duties to protect and preserve public records and to assist persons requesting copies of open public records.
      2.   All request forms must be completed by the party requesting the copies. In all cases the party so requesting must sign his or her individual name to the form. Written requests shall be made on the form provided by the record custodian.
      3.   Mechanical reproduction of a record shall not be undertaken when it is the judgment of the record custodian that any available means of mechanically reproducing the subject record is likely to cause damage to such records.
      4.   No copy fee shall be assessed when multiple copies of the record requested have been prepared for free public distribution, or when the record custodian determines that the cost of charging and handling the fee exceeds the cost of providing a copy without charge. (1998 Code)