A.   The following procedures are hereby adopted and shall be applied by every official custodian and record custodian:
      1.   Record custodians shall handle all inspection requests in accordance with their duties to protect and preserve public records and to assist persons requesting inspection of open public records.
      2.   All request forms must be completed by the party requesting the record. In all cases the party so requesting must sign his or her individual name to the form. Written requests shall be made on the form provided by the record custodian and presented to the record custodian.
      3.   A written request is sufficient if it reasonably describes the record sought. In instances where the requester cannot provide sufficient information to identify a record, the custodian shall assist in making such identification.
      4.   The record custodian shall, upon making a denial of an inspection request, forward a copy of the denial to the town clerk. (1998 Code)