A.   The following procedures are hereby adopted and shall be applied by each official custodian and record custodian:
      1.   Consistent with the policy, duties and procedures established by the Oklahoma open records act, record custodians shall provide full access and assistance in a timely and efficient manner to persons who request access to open public records.
      2.   Record custodians shall protect the integrity and organization of public records with respect to the manner in which such records are inspected and copied.
      3.   Record custodians may prevent excessive disruptions of essential functions and provide the record at the earliest possible time.
      4.   All inspections and copying of open public records shall be performed by, or under the supervision of, the record custodian responsible for such records.
      5.   All persons requesting the inspection of or a copy of open public records shall make such request in writing prior to the request being honored, except that no form shall be required for requests made for records which have been reproduced for free public distribution.
      6.   All record inspection and copying forms are to be completed by the person requesting the record. The record custodian may demand reasonable identification of any person requesting a record.
      7.   Any fees for record inspection or for copies are due at the time the records, or copies thereof, are provided to the requester, unless the record custodian has demanded that prepayment of all or part of such fees be made. Fees are to be paid to the record custodian or town clerk.
      8.   The record custodian or town clerk shall demand full or partial prepayment of fees whenever the estimate for such fees exceeds the amount set out in section 2-308 of this chapter.
      9.   No record search or copying fee shall be assessed against officers or employees of the town who make requests which are reasonably necessary to the performance of their official duties.
      10.   Hours for making requests for inspection or copying shall be all regular working hours for each day the office maintains regular office hours.
      11.   Removal of open public records from the office where kept and maintained, for purposes of inspection or the making of copies, shall not be permitted.
   B.   The above procedures, as well as any other inspection and copying procedures, shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the office of the record custodian. (1998 Code)