A.   Judges shall be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the town board of trustees. A proposed appointment shall be submitted in writing to the town board of trustees at the next to the last regularly scheduled meeting prior to the day upon which the appointment is to take effect, and shall be acted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The town board of trustees may decide upon the proposed appointment by a majority vote of all the members of the board of trustees. Failure of decision upon a proposed appointment shall not prevent action thereon at a later regularly scheduled meeting of the board of trustees unless the mayor, in writing, withdraws the proposed appointment.
   B.   There may be appointed for each judge of the court an alternate judge possessed of the same qualifications as the judge. His appointment shall be for the same term and made in the same manner as the judge. He shall sit as judge of the court in any case if the judge is absent from court, unable to act as judge, or disqualified from acting as judge in the case. (1998 Code)